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Funky Blues & Southern Soul - volume 1

The Billy Jones Band

The Billy Jones Story:
..the times and travels of an authentic american bluesman.

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..something is growing down in the Delta. ..long thought to be extinct.
...witness the resurrection and reinvention of a rare species.
"..the return of the authentic american bluesman."
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...join Billy Jones and his band of Genuine Road-hardened Delta Blues Outlaws as they travel the Blues Highway:
King Biscuit Blues Festival: Live Solo Performance - video 1:
King Biscuit Blues Festival: Live Solo Performance - video 2:

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 Billy%20Jones%20Bluez ain't just me and you!

John Mayer & Ryan O'Neal like The Billy Jones Band too!
CD REVIEW: "La Hora del Blues" Radio Show from Barcelona, Spain:
"..this excellent recording combines blues, funk & southern soul with taste and class resulting in an actual urban sound, perfect to attract new generations of blues lovers. ..powerful songs. ..amazing punch and good rhythm.
..Jones’ voice and guitar work shine like a dazzling star!"


The Billy Jones Band:  'Funky Blues & Southern Soul Vol.1'

Born in the deep south of United States, where segregation was present in most aspects of daily life, Billy Jones grew up in his grandfather's bar, listening to blues in different juke joints and bars. Elmore James, Big Joe Turner, Jackie Wilson, B. B. King, Muddy Waters, Sam Cooke and other great blues and soul musicians were his influences and, when he was only five years old, he already had a guitar on his hands. Soon he started to perform for the American troops, which allowed him to travel all over the world and get a wide musical experience. Now he brings us his last and excellent recording, that accurately combines blues, funk and southern soul, always with an excellent taste and class, which makes as a result an actual urban sound, perfect to attract the new generations of blues music lovers. Ten powerful songs with an amazing punch and good rhythm, where Billy Jones’ well pitched voice and excellent guitar work shine like a dazzling star, perfectly supported by Corey Bray on keyboards, Rev. "Do Dirty" Kendrix on bass and Mark Flinoil on drums.  A highly recommended work. In short words, this is a superb album in many concepts.   GREAT.

"..some stuff you just can't buy at your local music store.

..absolute authenticity ..only comes from the real thing."

..flaming hot funky blues guitar! ..tortured Southern Soul.
..brimstone devil notes blazing from demon possessed fingertips.

“ Billy Jones’ ‘Funky Blues & Southern Soul - Volume 1' is, what the title already suggests, a mix of fine Southern Soul and great blues, where Billy's sometimes scorching  guitar goes far beyond the qualitative average… “  -


..bring the fun ..passion ..danger ..excitement ..sexuality ..mystery ..mojo and magic that you get when you hire artists that have actually traveled the Blues Highway in the Land Where The Blues Began.
Book the NEW American Bluesman & his band of Genuine Road-hardened Delta Blues Outlaws for the best time ever at your Festival, Show or Event.
We are looking forward to making lots of new friends as we travel the Blues Highway on our Nationwide Blues Society Tour.
..please contact our procurement officer at for details and info about booking The Billy Jones Band.
BIOGRAPHY: The Billy Jones Story
YouTube Channel:
"Billy Jones brings back the Thrill. No one who I can think of has taken a truly contemporary look at traditional blues with the musical and lyrical intensity of Billy Jones. A refreshing blast of the really great sound of Healing Blues, Jazz, Funk Music. Loaded with Rich Blues Tradition. B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Even Johnny Winter Flavors. I recommend his cd 'Funky Blues & Southern Soul - volume 1' to any avid blues listener and I look forward to hearing more from the reclusive Billy Jones.
This guy is the real deal and this is a great CD!"
------------------------- every Entertainment Director in every Blues Society, Juke Joint & Honky Tonk on the planet Earth.
...bring the absolutely authentic & real thing to your festival, show or event. The Billy Jones Band.
...send me that contract!

...our cd: Funky Blues & Southern Soul - volume 1 now FOR SALE at:
...we love ya'll. ...go buy one!!


Taking Blues to New Places with R&B, Southern Soul, and Urban Style :
"One of the very Best Authentic Modern Blues and Soul albums in recent memory.
Billy Jones is a totally charismatic veteran who shows all the signs of becoming as big or bigger than Buddy Guy.
What really got to me were the lyrics. is “Blues” ..transformed, updated and urbanized."
"Exquisite Modern and Traditional Blues and Neo-Soul by one of the most talented artists on the contemporary scene."
"This man has enormous talents. ..he has a quiet demeanor which disappears when his performance starts.
Then he transmogrifies into an animated music machine. ..a great musician and a gifted performer. ...and a nice guy. -

"...he has a voice that will enchant you. ...his songs are oozing with sexuality. times dark. ...mysterious. ...downright funky, and always compelling. ...Billy Jones is certainly his own man. ...with a show-stopping style!"
Mz. SouthernSoul Blues Critic

...genuine road-hardened delta blues outlaws. ...blues/funk meets southern soul!

"...his vocals are a blend of blues intensity and style with urban soul. ...incredibly soulful and funky!’s as if every song chastises me for never having heard of this man or his music before now. ...a combination of multiple genres while still maintaining a great late night, urban club feel. No matter if you want to call it soul, blues, R&B or whatever, Billy Jones can really put some emotion into his music. ...and as I say all the time, that is what music, and especially Southern Soul music, is all about. ...each of the songs guarantees I’ll be back for more."
- Southern Soul Review
Book This Band to perform at your Club, Festival or Event.
"I like. Super cool. Great mix of styles. ...blues and funk, with a contemporary aftertaste. Good stuff. "
review by: Louie Milestone
- Southern Soul Review
...biographical fact:
Billy Jones spent his teen and young adult years touring with, playing back-up guitar and being mentored by Calvin Leavy, Little Johnny Taylor and Larry 'Totsie' Davis. ...these are the original versions by the original masters that were written and recorded long before the cultural raiders and imitators came along.
All three of these great artists died penniless and unrecognized. ...and their life's works stolen to make fortunes for others.
Now ain't that the Blues? is an honor to have been a musical soldier in their bands.
...these are some of my favorite quotes:
"Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure."
"We are the masters of our own destiny. We are the makers of our own fate."
"Without Courage ...we cannot practice any other virtue consistently."
“Know thy self and you will know the secrets of the universe.”
True Greats...
Are Not Those Born With
Golden Spoons In Their Mouths
But Those...
Who Through Hard Work
Turn Their Own Wooden Spoons
Into Gold.
...our cd: Funky Blues & Southern Soul - volume 1 now FOR SALE at:
...we love ya'll. ...go buy one!!


Links to DOWNLOAD our music:

The Billy Jones Band:
Funky Blues & Southern Soul - volume 1

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FACE THE NATION: ..State of the Union Address:

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FACE THE NATION: ..State of the Union Address:

My Hometown - The Billy Jones Band…


..absolute authenticity!

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CD REVIEW: "La Hora del Blues" Radio Show from Barcelona, Spain:
"..this excellent recording combines blues, funk & southern soul with taste and class resulting in an actual urban sound, perfect to attract new…


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FACE THE NATION: ..State of the Union Address:

FACE THE NATION: ..State of the Union Address:My Hometown - The Billy Jones Band…Ver más
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